Manual 3 – Feedback-Informed Supervision

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Manual 3 details key knowledge and skills involved in the practical application of FIT in clinical supervision.

The chief areas of focus are:

1. Creating a culture of feedback in supervision
2. How to review the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS)
3. How to review the Session Rating Scale (SRS)
4. How to identify cases of concern
5. How to use aggregate data to identify weaknesses in service provision and providers
6. How to develop a collaborative service/provider improvement plan.

Upon completion of the manual, readers will be able to:

• Describe factors necessary to establish an effective culture of feedback in supervision and ways of monitoring outcome data on a routine and ongoing basis
• Identify and describe areas of focus in reviewing data from the ORS and SRS and how to integrate outcome feedback into supervision
• Describe common patterns of client response on outcome measures
• Identify and respond to cases of concern
• Use aggregate data to identify and develop a plan of remediation.

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