About Scott D. Miller and FIT

Scott D Miller, Ph.D is a noted author, lecturer, therapist and founder of the International Center of Clinical Excellence, an international consortium for behavioral health practitioners. Dr. Miller has developed feedback-informed treatment (FIT). This form of treatment is helping clinicians around the world to achieve clinical excellence, while "it involves routinely and formally soliciting feedback from consumers regarding the therapeutic relationship and outcome of care and using the resulting information to inform and tailor service deliver.”

Research studies conducted by Dr. Miller show that feedback-informed treatment can:

  • significantly improve therapy outcomes,
  • reduce dropouts, and even
  • shorten the course of treatment, proving to be both cost and time efficient.


The library

This library gives you the chance to purchase feedback-informed treatment manuals, diverse psychotherapy and self-help books, and audio and video materials detailing FIT practices, cases studies and interviews with Dr. Scott D. Miller.



For more information, visit Scott D. Miller(link) or contact Scott by email (info@scottdmiller.com) Twitter, or LinkedIn.