Clearance Bundle #2


Special Offer!

One CD: 

1. Working with Mandated Clients ($9.95)

One DVD:

2. Feedback Informed Treatment: A Live Demonstration (DVD) ($29.95)

One wild card item:

1. Staying on Top and Keeping the Sand out of Your Pants: A Surfer's Guide to the Good Life (9.95)
2. ICCE Feedback Informed Treatment Manuals (disk) ($44.95)
3. Heart and Soul of Research (DVD) ($69.95)
4. Heart and Soul of Research: Continuing the Journey (DVD) ($69.95)
5. Finding Courage, Finding a Heart (DVD): Video demonstration of Client-Directed Clinical Work (69.95)
6. The Therapeutic Alliance (CD $9.95)
7. Outcome Informed Treatment (CD $9.95)