Manual 4 – Documenting Change: A Primer on Measurement, Analysis and Reporting

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Manual 4 explores key areas involved with documenting and monitoring client progress, analyzing data, and reporting on those data.
Specific sections of the manual include:
1. Psychometric Properties of the ORS and SRS
2. Case Documentation of Client Progress
3. Methods of Data Analysis for Individual Providers, Programs, and Agencies
4. Data Reporting.

Upon completion of the manual, readers will be able to:

• Describe the psychometric properties of popular outcome and alliance measures in clear, nontechnical terms
• Use methods for documenting client progress in case notations
• Use methods for analyzing outcome data consistently and reliably in a variety of treatment contexts (e.g., private practice, agency, residential settings).
• Describe processes for using data in various formats for the purposes of reporting to third party payers, funding bodies, regulatory agencies.

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